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3D Showcases

Immerse yourself in a space like never before...it feels like you are actually there!  Users can explore an entire space in a revolutionary way: from traversing stairs to using a virtual elevator to move between floors.

Dollhouse View

The Dollhouse View provides a total understanding of how a property fits together allowing viewers to peel back floors one-by-one to see how different levels fit together in three dimensions. Rotate the model in all directions to observe unobstructed views of all levels.


Floor Plan View

Understand the layout at a glance floor by floor with a top down view and rooms marked with labels.  Jump into any room with a simple click and enter a 3D immersive experience.  Toggle between the 3D showcase, floor plan and dollhouse views.

FASTRAK 3D Virtual Tours

Highlight Reels & Guided Tours

The Highlight Reel is a great way to show off key positions of a property with ease. The Guided Tour allows visitors to sit back and relax as they are automatically guided through a property simply by clicking a play button.

FASTRAK 3D Virtual Tours

4K - 2D Snapshots

4K - 2D Snapshots are photos taken within a Space that can be downloaded to use as 2D photography.

FASTRAK 3D Virtual Tours

Mattertag Posts

You can orchestrate a narrative as if you were walking through the space personally. Mattertag Posts let you provide information about features in your Spaces by anchoring text descriptions, audio or multimedia links to specific physical locations.

FASTRAK 3D Virtual Tours

Exterior 360° Views

360° Views gives you a chance to capture sweeping outdoor imagery to include as a part of your 3D tour and give end-users the most complete property experience.

FASTRAK 3D Virtual Tours

Schematic Floor Plans*

Professionally generated black and white floor plans right from your scan. Schematic Floor Plans add value to every Space because they are made from the same data used to create your 3D tour. You can create next level immersive experiences as well as more traditional marketing collateral with one scan. *Optional service.

FASTRAK 3D Virtual Tours

Google Maps Street View*

Don’t leave clients on the curb, invite them in with indoor Google street view. Experience the benefits of reliable, accessible viewing to meet all of your client’s needs. *Optional service.

FASTRAK 3D Virtual Tours